What is Thrasos Studio?

Back in the days, when the Greeks were inventing the future, Thrasos was the spirit of boldness: that little daemon who forges our courage and shapes our most irrational decisions…

Today, it is a small studio producing image, video and animated content, based in Amsterdam since January 2016.


Who is Thrasos Studio?

Behind Thrasos Studio is a young creative: Hortense Lauras is a 25 years-old artist and visual storyteller. She likes to travel around the world, tell stories and question confronting subjects. She is fond of beauty and elegance, good food, little jokes, mind blowing films and sparkling colors. What she loves, above all, is to create: thinking with her hands and making with her brain.


In 2016, she started Thrasos Studio to put her joyful passions and talents at the service of other’s projects and ideas. If those get bigger than she can take on her own, she won’t hesitate to surround herself with ingenious creatives, wise counselors and talented technicians to give the project everything it needs to come to life.

Get in touch!


Don’t hesitate to drop us a line to share ideas and projects, or to know more about the studio!